Welcome to the Dataset of Subscribers to Eighteenth-Century Music Publications in Britain and Ireland.

Thomas Pitt, Church Music: consisting of a Te Deum and Jubilate, 1788, first page of the list of subscribers.

The information in the Dataset consists of individual subscribers to 779 publications of printed music and other related sources from the period including collections of poetry, theatrical synopses and literature, subscribers to theatre boxes, trade directories, etc. The dataset comprises almost 160,000 entries.

Lists of subscribers include individuals such as persons of rank and title (e.g., members of the peerage, clergy, etc.), members of the music and other professions (named composers, performers, publishers, doctors, lawyers, etc.), as well as organisations and societies (e.g., musical societies and choirs, educational and religious establishments). The search functions are designed for users to locate specific persons who subscribed to one or more publications. They can also be used to interrogate the entire dataset in order to analyse relationships between composers, subscribers, musical genres, social status, gender, profession, geographical location, and the changing trends across the period. 

Simon D. I. Fleming and Martin Perkins, 2022